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Structural Engineering




Dr. Shweta Goyal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. She joined Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology as Lecturer in 2003. She is University topper throughout her education and was awarded Gold Medal both during under graduate (B.E.- Bachelors in Civil Engineering) and post graduate level (M.E-Masters in Structural Engineering). She has been actively involved in research and have handled various research projects sponsored by Govt. of India agencies like DST (Department of Science and Technology) and UGC (University Grants Commission) and industry sponsored research projects amounting to more than 100 lakhs. Her areas of research include development of microbial concrete, corrosion evaluation and protection in RC structures, development of accelerated carbonation procedure for precast concrete and research oriented towards sustainability of concrete. She has more than 30 publications to her credit out of which 15 are SCI indexed. Her H-index is 7 (June 2017).

Research Tags

  • Microbial concrete
  • Corrosion monitoring and prevention
  • Sustainable Concrete
  • Accelerated carbonation curing

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies

  • Life Member of Indian Concrete Institute

Publications and other Research Outputs

(i) Sponsored Research Projects

S. No. Title of project Cost (Rs) Duration Funding Agency PI /Co-PI
1 Strength studies on silica fume concrete 1 Lac 3 Years Elkem India (2004-2007) Shweta Goyal
2 Strength and Durability studies on silica fume concrete 9.6 Lac 3 Years DST (2005-2008) Shweta Goyal
3 Microbes for remediation of defects in building materials 34.8 Lac 3 Years DST (2005-2008) Shweta Goyal
4 Service life prediction of RC structures 11.6 Lac 3 Years UGC (2011-2014) Shweta Goyal
5 Durability enhancement and prevention of damages in RC structures using bacteria 53.7 Lac 3 Years DST (2015-2017) M.S. Reddy/ Dr. Shweta Goyal
6 Bio mediated cementation for concrete problems 44 lac 3 Years DST (Approved) Shweta Goyal / M.S. Reddy

(ii) Patents filled: She, along with Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee, has filled one Indian patent on ‘An Improved technique for prestressing with FRP sheets’ having Application No. 1278/Del/ 2012 dated 25th April' 2012

Student Research – Doctoral Degrees

  • 1 Completed
    Mrs.Shilpa V. Patil, Corrosion Monitoring of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete using Acoustic Emission Technique and Electrochemical Techniques, Co-Supervisor: Dr.Bilavari S. Karkare
  • 1 Submitted
    Reema Goyal, FRP Structural Stay-In-Place Formwork for Concrete Slabs, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee
  • 6 ongoing

iii) Student Research – Master’s Thesis Guided till Date: 39

(iv) ResearchPublications

SCI Journals

  1. Sharma V., Goyal S., “Comparative study of performance of natural fibres: rubber modified stone matrix asphalt mixtures, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Vol 33, No 2, 2009, pp 134 – 139
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  13. Patel S., Karkare B., Goyal S., Corrosion induced damage detection of in-service RC slabs using acoustic emission technique, Construction and Building Materials, Volume 156, 2017, Pages 123-130
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  15. Sumit Joshi, Shweta Goyal, Abhijit Mukhrjee, M.S. Reddy, Influence of nutrient components of media on structural properties of concrete during biocementation Construction and Building Materials, Accepted 2017

Non SCI Journals

  1. Goyal S., Kumar M., Bhattachargee B. “Effect of relative proportion of pozollana on compressive strength of concrete under different curing conditions”, International Journal of Engineering, Volume (2), Issue (1), 2008. pp 20-34
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International Conference

  1. Goyal S., Kumar M., Bhattachargee B., “Durability Of Metakaolin Based Cement Mortar To Chloride Attack Under Wet – Dry And Freeze – Thaw Exposure, Accepted in 11th International Conference on Durability of building materials and components, Istanbul Technical University, 11th – 14th May, 2008.
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National Conference

  1. Goyal S., Kumar M., Bhattachargee B. “Behaviour of fly ash concrete under different curing conditions: A Non-destructive approach”. International Congess Fly Ash India 2005, Dec. 4-7, 2005.
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  8. Mandeep Singh , Shweta Goyal, Effect of steam curing on precast segments used as tunnel lining for tunnel bored by shield TBM; international UKIERI Concrete Congress held at Dr Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab,  on 2-5 November, 2015; Pages:- 493-504

Awards and Honours

  • Completed a sponsored research project by Department of Science and Technology (DST, Govt. of India) and awarded a Letter of Appreciation and Performance as “Good”.
  • Awarded Performance Incentive (PIS) by the University 6 times.
  • Gold medal in B.E(Civil)
  • Gold Medal in M.E.(Structures)
  • Awarded a Roll of Honor and a cash prize of Rs 600 by Punjab University evry year during B.E. for standing first every year in Civil Programme
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